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Funny Toronto Family Portrait Pictures with Cute Poses

Perfect family portrait photographs in Toronto where striking a pose with a fun twist makes the photo unique. An At Home Session that looks like a studio.

How do you pose for a family portrait at a studio? Fun people make fun portraits. Popcorn makes a great snack. The great snack becomes great fun with a few easy directions that makes for a memorable moment.

I have loved watching this family grow. And they're always fun and full of concentrated happiness and joy. As baby number two was brewing, we had fun putting together an idea for the maternity session that involved popcorn. My vision was to have it flying everywhere, but what made me laugh was seeing this little gem eat it off his mom's belly - thanks to a little photographer-supplied double sided tape. Anything can happen during a family portrait session and I am always there ready to capture all the fun - even though I'm laughing my socks off too.

If you are wondering how much a family portrait session at home costs, have a look at my pricing.

Location: Leaside, Toronto.

Keywords: family (58), fun (30), maternity, portrait (82), toronto (74). 1/160; f/5.6; ISO 800; 34.0 mm.