The Best Toronto Baby Portraits and the Best Baby Legs
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The Best Toronto Baby Portraits and the Best Baby Legs

This is one reason why you should have your baby photographed more. One of the best parts of my job as a baby photographer is to photograph chubby legs!

Seriously, Look at these Delicious Legs and Baby Toes!

How cute are these legs and baby toes? If I was writing a 'Complete guide to family photography' (and you never know - I just might one day) one of my top chapters would be on observing and recording in beautiful light just what makes a baby a baby. I know there is a plethora of cutesy little hats and wraps and props out there - but what's more important: your baby or the props?
I bring a mom's vision, and extensive experience, to the professional photography of your baby and your family. I am all too aware of trends, and think they can be really cute - but do you want to remember your baby or a decorated version of your baby....?

Location: Davisville Toronto Ontario.

Keywords: baby (40), black and white (35), fun (30), indoor (31), playful (25). 1/200; f/3.0; ISO 1600; 105.0 mm.