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On location in Toronto for Lifestyle Family Portraits

Toronto family portrait photographers at Storey Wilkins Photography have a unique opportunity to capture incredible expressions of kids and their families.

Sisters Playing Hide and Go Seek: In my children's photography gallery, I have many photographs of kids smiling & laughing. The joy is infectious. Child photography is not just about posing, but also about spreading smiles and laughter.

The game is 'hide & seek': These two sisters are doing a lousy job and laughing at it and themselves whilst their parents watch - also laughing. This is creating a scenario that photographic opportunities happen within. I've been photographing kids and families professionally for 20+ years, and I know we have balance of both 'asked for' portraits and candid play photographs. What is 'family photography' after all? Is it just everyone smiling at the camera? Does it show each family member's personality? Usually not....That is why there needs to be a balance. Sometimes I only need a small part of a large area to make a special portrait. This is one tiny section of Wychwood Barns in the St Clair & Bathurst part of town.

Location: Wychwood Barns, 76 Wychwood Ave, Toronto, ON M6G 2X7.

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