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Toronto Lifestyle baby photography by Storey Wilkins

A baby should be photographed between six and nine months of age when they can sit up on their own and a lovely large queen bed is the perfect location.

It's all about the expression and the light. For this little guy, the expression was easy - smiley faces from camera = smiley faces from said young chap! It doesn't always happen that way straight off - it takes time and patience. Familiar surroundings are imperative - here, it's mom and dad's bed. In a two storey home, parents often choose the second floor to have their bedroom.

This is also better for the light - and light is all-important in great family photographs. As a professional portrait photographer, I'm looking for great light - or I'm making great light if it's not available where the 'action' is happening.

Location: private residence in North Toronto.

Keywords: baby (40), fun (30), indoor (31), toronto (74), winter (14). 1/640; f/2.8; ISO 1600; 105.0 mm.