Running and Jumping Off the Dock at the Cottage
Storey Wilkins Photography
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Running and Jumping Off the Dock at the Cottage

An iconic memory for many southern Ontario cottagers, especially kids, is running off the end of the dock and jumping into the lake...Ahhh, Summer!

What better way to celebrate summer in Ontario than a family portrait session at your cottage?

So much of growing up in Ontario is life at the cottage in summer. So many of our memories are tied up with it, the cupboard with the battered board games - each one missing some piece that everyone knows the story of, the sailing club trophies, languid afternoon naps on the porch to the drone of crickets and the lapping of the lake.

This was taken at the very end of this multi-generation family session. A great way for the boys to cool off after a great day.

Location: Muskoka, Ontario.

Keywords: cottage (17), fun (30), group portraits (30), kids (43), summer (19). 1/400; f/10.0; ISO 400; 28.0 mm.