Wide Angle Baby Up Close
Storey Wilkins Photography
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Up Close on Those Gorgeous Big Blue Baby Eyes

Professional Baby Photography with a Creative Twist

Once kids start moving around the fun begins in earnest. Kids and pets can move really fast when they want to. I'm always ready for that fun - and the games that can come from it. As always - 'safety first!' - here I'm using the parents bed as a wide and deep platform for the baby to crawl on - but it also gives me nice light to work with. I delegate one parent for safety patrol and clean up so we can work at speed before the 'talent' needs a nap....or a feed , or a snack. With the right conditions and mix of play and breaks - kids can be real troupers and last quite a while.

Location: Davisville Village Toronto.

Keywords: baby (40), indoor (31), toronto (74), white (5), winter (14). 1/1600; f/1.8; ISO 1600; 28.0 mm.