100th Birthday Celebration with All Grandchildren
Storey Wilkins Photography
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100th Birthday Celebration with All Grandchildren

Toronto family photographer Storey Wilkins specializes in family reunions and encourages photography of milestones such as this 100th birthday celebration.

Storey Wilkins is a Toronto area family portrait photographer that specializes in big group portraits such as three generation and four generation family portraits. This portrait was commissioned in honour of the patriarch's 100th birthday, which he celebrated in style the night before this big family photograph was taken. Storey and her team are adept at moving quickly to organize big groups in logical and flattering ways to create an historic family portrait that exudes warmth, love and joy. Sessions normally take 90 minutes for posed photographs and another 30 minutes for candid photography during your family reunion.

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Location: Toronto, Ontario.

Keywords: family reunion (7), grandchildren (6), house (29), three generation (9), traditional (9). 1/125; f/6.3; ISO 1000; 38.0 mm.