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A little self-love goes a long way!

A great (and current) headshot is essential. It is more than just a likeness of you. It may be the first point of connection that your business social and community networks will make with you.

It should be both professional and inviting, revealing to the viewer something of your amazing personality, strength of character, and deep professional capabilities.


We love working with natural lighting – when it’s both flattering and working the right way for you. To make sure ‘all bases are covered’ we always have a lighting kit with us to make flattering light that works for you – regardless of whether we are in an office or on the factory floor amongst the machinery of your business. Discussing your needs is an important first step.

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Location: Toronto, ON.

Keywords: headshot (17), portrait (82). 1/125; f/2.0; ISO 1000; 85.0 mm.