Beaumaris Yacht Club Wedding Candid Photograph
Storey Wilkins Photography
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Muskoka Wedding Candid Photograph by Storey Wilkins

Joyful Muskoka Wedding candid moment right after the ceremony when the bride and groom begin to greet guests and the air is charged with happiness.

Muskoka Wedding with Outdoor Ceremony at Beaumaris Yacht Club. Brides often wonder what will happen after they walk back down the aisle with their husband. It is critical to linger and let the first 30 or so guests greet you. You will be on cloud nine and the hugs and tears of joy and compliments are not to be missed.

Location: Beaumaris Yacht Club 1197 Beaumaris Road Beaumaris, Ontario, P1L 1W8, (705) 764-1335.