Bridal Portrait by Skilled Toronto Wedding Photographer
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Bridal Portrait by Skilled Toronto Wedding Photographer

How much does a professional wedding photography package cost? That will depend on how well it's covered, in what variety, and in what consistency.

When you're looking to find quality, experienced wedding photographers, the goal is to see how well they handle all aspects of the coverage. I photograph portraits beautifully, elegant groups, fabulous moments, the pageantry of your ceremony, the sparkling details that make a day that is distinctly about you both, and your families and friends.

A simple yet elegant full length portrait of this beautiful bride was taken by a window so that just the window light is illuminating her....deceptively simple - I know to turn the dress away from the light to protect the gorgeous details, and then to turn her face toward the glowing light to flatter her face.

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Location: South Hill private residence, Bathurst and St. Clair.