Gentle Embrace and Tender Smile at Temple Sinai Wedding
Storey Wilkins Photography
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Gentle Embrace and Tender Smile at Temple Sinai Wedding

A gentle embrace and tender smile for this wonderful bride and groom at their synagogue wedding. Look for intimate and natural wedding photography.

Sometimes it just happens before you. From the very start in their engagement session, I knew this couple were wonderful with each other. The way they naturally connected, the way they moved - their tenderness with each other told me this was going to be a great wedding...and it was! Some folks, however, appreciate a little guidance - after all - we don't get professionally photographed every it doesn't always come naturally to us.

A true professional photographer is trained to understand the movements that most flatter an individual's shape - how that dress should fall - and how to relax you and make the experience of being photographed special.

Location: Temple Sinai 210 Wilson Ave, North York, ON M5M 3B1, (416) 487-4161.

Keywords: bride and groom (39), jewish (31), outdoor (60), portrait (82), synagogue (9). 1/800; f/3.2; ISO 400; 175.0 mm.