Toronto Wedding Photography Grace Church-on-the-Hill
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Toronto Wedding Photography Grace Church-on-the-Hill

Toronto wedding photograph taken on the steps of Grace Church-on-the-Hill as the bride arrives with her father in the rain but undaunted and full of joy.

Grace Church-on-the-Hill. A perfect church for a wedding ceremony.

Grace Church is my church so I have a strong connection to it and I love it when I am hired to photograph a wedding there. The space is lovely for a ceremony with the warm hues, great acoustics, and wonderful minister. The entire staff and volunteers are full of heart.

Grace Church on-the-Hill is a parish of the Anglican Church of Canada in the Diocese of Toronto. The parish church is located at 300 Lonsdale Road, in the Forest Hill area of Toronto, Ontario. Where there's love, music, kindness and community, there is Grace. I do find that Grace Church strives to be a place of grace, and a welcoming community of faith growing closer to God through the countless and unique talents of its members in worship and in service.

I am an experienced photographer in a variety of religious wedding services.

Location: Grace Church on-the-Hill 300 Lonsdale Rd, Toronto, ON M4V 1X4.

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