Storey Wilkins Photography

Photography Information and Planning Tips

Professional wedding photographer Storey Wilkins offers detailed planning information about photography to help you prepare for a great wedding day.

Suggested Timelines for your Wedding Photography

Planning a wedding day means making time for photographs. Here are suggested timelines to help you decide how long you would like Storey at your wedding.

Getting Ready Tips from your Wedding Photographer

A well organized wedding day ensures that you can relax, enjoy the day, and look your best in photographs. These tip will help things run smoothly all day.

The Moment the Groom sees his Bride on their Wedding

Maximize your wedding day time together by seeing each other before the ceremony and taking photos with Toronto wedding photographer Storey Wilkins.

Wedding Party Group Portraits

Group portraits with your bridesmaids and groomsmen on the wedding day require an organized list of combinations and a carefully timed plan of action.

Family Portrait Photography on Your Wedding Day

Group portraits with your immediate and extended families on the wedding day require a predetermined list of combinations and a well timed plan of action.