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Adorable Baby Photos in Toronto by Storey Wilkins

Recent Five Star Reviews

"Storey has been our "go-to" family photographer for the last decade and there is not a chance we would venture anywhere else. Her ability to capture a group in such a natural way results in a photo full of authentic personalities. She has also demonstrated an uncanny ability to capture the best side of all ages (from 0 to 99 and everything in between) in the one shot. She makes the experience enjoyable and allows for a sense of fun which brings out the best in everyone. The high quality of her shots makes it very hard to select which ones t0 print. Luckily she has a digital version to offer as well. We cannot say enough about Storey and so very grateful we found her." Aimee B.

"Storey is such a wonderful and fantastic photographer and person. We had Storey photograph our wedding (amazing!), and more recently do a few photoshoots of our family, at different stages of our child's first two years. The shots she takes are breathtaking and definitely among our most prized possessions. Her shoots are fun, easy going, and she is able to capture some incredible moments and expressions that we didn't even realize were happening . She is simply the best family photographer around. We can't recommend Storey enough!" Craig Stait-Gardner

"Our whole family (including a sometimes photo shy husband) looks forward to every visit with Storey. We had Storey at our wedding and for our engagement photos so now it feels like getting together with old friends. We always get amazing feedback from our friends and family when we share our photos. Storey makes us feel special and just radiates positivity and fun. We feel so lucky to have someone we love being around who takes the best photos of our growing family." Eleanor Boynton

"Storey is the best family photographer! I hired Storey to take 'day-in-the-life' photos of our family and we loved her so much, we hired her again for Christmas Cards and a Corporate Headshot. Storey is a rare talent: easy to work with, warm and friendly, and her photos are of the highest quality. Five stars!!" Jalyn Anderson

"We’ve had the pleasure of working with Storey on several occasions and we wouldn’t look to anyone else to capture all the wonderful moments in our lives. She knows how to make everyone feel at ease, including our young children. Most importantly, she takes the most beautiful pictures! I highly recommend Storey for any special occasion or even just an intimate family photo shoot. You won’t be disappointed." Anika Nayar

"From the moment we initially met, we were so impressed with Storey's professionalism, kindness, and warmth. On our wedding day, she exceeded our expectations, which were already set high from our previous meetings and engagement photo session. When choosing a photographer, I was told to think about who I want to spend this day with, and I am so happy that I took this advice! We absolutely loved our photos and spending the day with Storey and David!" Carly Diamond

"Storey and her team are beyond amazing. We have had her do our family photos annually for many years. My kids are older now and will actually look at the camera when told but for many years she worked to get those perfect shots with parents and three kids all looking and laughing. Her annual photos are treasured memories of our family and a great photographic account of everyone growing up. Thanks!!" Dana Jerome

"We have had the pleasure of working with Storey and David a few times over the years. They never disappoint! Our last photo shoot was at our family cottage. The time has come to sell it, but we wanted to capture some of the wonderful memories we have by having some extended family pictures. The photos captured our family at our happiest. Storey and David have a magical way to make even the smallest baby smile, and developed a repore with our toddlers. Everyone was at ease and natural. Thank you for these forever memories!" Deborah Fisher

"We did a number of pictures that I would have never thought of - Storey was great and made it an experience, our dog enjoyed it as well!" Don Douglas

"Storey has a manner about her that is truly one of professionalism yet, one that puts her clients at ease. Storey is able to illicit moments that brighten photos. Above all, I have been consistently happy over the quality of photos that Storey produces. Storey is adaptable and fun. I highly recommend Storey as a photographer and have done so with my friends and colleagues." Caroline A.

"Personality: Fantastic Customer Service: Fantastic Ability to Make you Feel at Ease: Fantastic Quality of Photos: Fantastic. It is always a pleasure to work with Storey." Angela Matheson

"When we look at the photographs taken by Storey and David of our kids we are often amazed at how they can capture special moments. A look, an expression - pure gold! The proof is in the wondrous looks we get when people see her photos hanging on our wall." David Vernon

“The photos and the album are absolutely amazing! Everyone we’ve shown our photos to can’t get over the care and thoughtfulness you put into capturing our wedding, and we couldn’t agree more. For a day that is famous for going by ‘too fast,’ you captured the feeling and the memories beautifully and we’re incredibly grateful.” Sue & Geoff

“Dear Storey, I wanted to thank you so much for everything you did to capture our wedding day so perfectly. The photographs you produced are truly better than anything Patrick and I would have hoped for and will allow us and our families to remember the day with perfect clarity and vivid emotion for years to come. Your entire service from start to finish is truly impeccable. We are so lucky to have found you and are so grateful for the photos, the albums, the CDs - every part of the experience was an absolute pleasure. While the product is perfect the part about working with you that is truly the best is your personality. You were such a treat to be around the day of the wedding, it just made the whole experience of the wedding day that much more special. Thank you again so much for everything you've done - it has truly been an honour working with someone who is such a consummate professional. With warmest regards,” Allie

“Storey . . . Wow. I'm not sure Dan and I have the words to express how wonderful it has been to work with you and how incredibly professional, thoughtful and absolutely adorable you are. Not only are we so happy and excited to have the images you and Leigh captured; we are also very blessed to have had you there to help us be present in heart and mind on our wedding day. From our first meeting, to our practice shoot on the beach, our wedding day and the little packages received in the mail . . . all is evidence for the passion you clearly have for capturing the essence and wide range of emotion in one's story. We have already been spreading the word about your work and hope someone we know takes advantage of your gift and love for photography. With great appreciation and warm regard, Julie & Dan

“The greatest gifts I have ever received in life are my two daughters. And to date, the greatest and most treasured documentation of their lives are the photographs that Storey has taken of our girls. Despite Storey’s extraordinary training and learned skills, she is a natural, with an eye for capturing the most candid and natural moments in time. She can chronicle the story of a child’s world in a mere 1-hour session, capturing not only the image but, more importantly, the essence of a person/child in time. Her images are fluid and alive, never structured and stiff. Looking at Storey’s work elicits not only memories but, emotions of that precious and most fleeting moment in time you want to cherish forever.” Kate Glover

“Dear Storey, What can we say except for you to accept our sincere gratitude for your work on our special day! The DVD and proofs are garnering huge praise and we await our album with huge excitement. To quote one of our more hardened guests - a journalist of some age and stature - ‘the photographers were ninjas in black suits, invisible but everywhere and catching everything!’ Highest praise indeed. We could hardly add more except to add our heartfelt thanks.” Scott and Nigel

“Storey, We absolutely love the album. The picture quality is amazing and the arrangements are beautiful. From the box and cover and throughout the album the quality and attention to detail is everywhere. Many thanks for all your work and for being so wonderful on the day, which is now so perfectly captured. All the best, Carlie and Marc

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