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Professional Headshots and Branding Photography in Toronto

by Storey Wilkins

Headshots and Portrait Photography by Storey WilkinsRecent Headshots


Is it time to update your headshot? Do you need a well-crafted business portrait? Would you like fresh and inviting images of life around the office? Does the board you sit on for philanthropic work require a great portrait of you? Are you an entrepreneur, small business owner, author, coach, executive, or marketing strategist that needs to have a great set of inspiring environmental images to use on a rotation basis?

Headshot $400 +HST (GTA only). Three high resolution images for Linked In, Instagram, Facebook, BNI, etc.

Environmental Portrait with Workplace Images $950 +HST (GTA only). 90-120 Minutes 10 high resolution images for posting, publication, magazine articles, announcements, etc.
Personal Brand Comprehensive Package $2000 + HST. Three Hours. 40 High Resolution Images.

Business Portraits and Personal Brand PhotographyUpdate your Personal Brand

A strong headshot is essential. It should be both professional and inviting: revealing to the viewer something of your amazing personality, strength of character, and deep professional capabilities. I am a terrific choice for small business owners, start-ups, creatives and retailers who are seeking to update or revise their brand and open the door to new business possibilities.

We come to your workplace or home and bring the right professional equipment for great lighting. Our gear is portable so we can work in multiple locations if required. Turn around time is quick and we offer custom size and file options depending on your needs.

We strive to serve you with efficient and tailored sessions to suit your needs.

Experienced Photographers

We are a versatile and experienced professional photography team in Toronto with expertise in photographing headshots and personal portraits for Toronto entrepreneurs, small business owners, authors, coaches, executives, marketing strategists, philanthropists and more.

We expertly photograph people across the Greater Toronto Area as well as Mississauga, Oakville, Thornhill and Richmond Hill.

Show Some Love

A little self-love goes a long way! A great (and current) headshot is essential. It is more than just a likeness of you. It may be the first point of connection that your business social and community networks will make with you.

It should be both professional and inviting, revealing to the viewer something of your amazing personality, strength of character, and deep professional capabilities.

Professional Quality

Your headshot needs to be WAY BETTER than a selfie. You just won’t look your best holding your iPhone at arm’s length. A GREAT HEAD SHOT by Storey Wilkins photography will invite people in, inspiring them to reach out and connect with you.

It's time! It's time to create, update or reinvigorate your personal or business brand.

Skilled Across Profession and Locations

We expertly service small business owners, real estate agents, lawyers, doctors, physiotherapists writers, actors and all levels of entrepreneurs. We do this with corporate portraiture for annual reports, or headshots, personal branding images, location shoots for businesses and environmental portraits for industry, manufacturing and entrepreneurs.

Professional Equipment

We love working with natural lighting – when it’s both flattering and working the right way for you. To make sure ‘all bases are covered’ we always have a lighting kit with us to make flattering light that works for you – regardless of whether we are in an office or on the factory floor amongst the machinery of your business. Discussing your needs is an important first step.

Traditional Portrait or Modern Headshot

The styles we excel at are traditional, modern, and environmental. In all cases, we discuss how to ‘show you’ to your best advantage. We discuss clothing, hair and make-up. We discuss good places to shoot that will give your portrait session variety.

A ‘Traditional’ portrait often echoes the respectful boardroom-styled portraits that have come before us across time, with quiet dignity and a direct connection to the viewer. These portraits are almost always lit with our portable lighting system. Clothing choices are often subdued and formal to suit the formality of the image.

A ‘Modern’ portrait image will often be photographed against a simple white or mid-grey background with clean, modern lighting usually lit with our clamshell lighting system. This is often a request to match in with a consistent theme on the corporate website. The modern portrait may also include office environments, or areas outside that lend themselves to a business feel.


Looking for something that showcases where you work? An environmental portrait is often about you in your ‘space’ – your business – your world! It is designed to carefully blend who you are with a dynamic connection. Like the modern portrait it can involve dramatic looks and is helped by:

  • Flattering yet active posing that often involved movement
  • Having a dynamic viewpoint,
  • Is usually (but not always) photographed in a real world (non-studio) environment, and
  • May involve a strong pose to catch the viewers eye and make them feel connected to you, or

So, many of us have different needs as to how we are portrayed in professional portrait photography. This may include such things as lifestyle photography, location shoots, real estate portraits, and entrepreneur portraits. Please call to discuss your needs.

Portrait and Headshot Photography Pricing

So, how much does it cost to have top-quality headshot photography?

Pricing for a headshot is $400 plus HST anywhere in the GTA. With 30 minutes of your time, I will make you look and feel fantastic and you will have three high resolution images of your choice that will be instantly usable everywhere you need it: Linked In, Instagram, Facebook, BNI, and your preferred dating site.

Pricing for environmental portraits start at $950 plus HST and include 10 high resolution images. All environmental portraits require a preliminary planning discussion of intent, followed by firm quotations on time required and costing.

Pricing for a comprehensive personal branding portrait session is $2000 plus HST and includes three hours of photography, 40 high resolution images and a detailed planning call.

How to Prepare

It is important to properly prepare for your headshot.

Choose two ‘looks’ in terms of clothing. Even though we are often shooting from the waist up, appropriate footwear contributes to how you stand and how you feel….by that we mean women and men stand naturally taller in elegant business wear.

Avoid clothing that is too tight fitting, or very strongly patterned. Strong patterns take all the attention away from your face – and on smaller sized web images, totally dominate. This goes for men’s dress ties. As arms may feature, it is advisable to consider long sleeves. Jewelry should be kept subtle. If in doubt, bring a selection.

When it comes to hair and makeup for women, it is very important to know that you do not need more makeup for the camera, however expertly applied makeup is preferable. We recommend Maureen Greenstein at mausmakeup@rogers.com In all cases, makeup should be either matt or with a powder finish.

Toronto is ‘famous’ for hair being affected by static, especially in winter, so having a can of hairspray on hand is appreciated. For men and women, I would suggest not attempting a brand-new style that you’re unsure about. For men, a trim in the week preceding the shoot can be helpful.


Fix it in Photoshop! Sadly, everything has it’s limitations and many things such as fine hair clinging to faces, or unshaven areas on men – or colour and pattern choices are very difficult, and very costly to correct.

If you wear eyeglasses, please try to avoid the type that change density under lighting, especially for outdoor shoots. A little trivia here from the magazine world: stars who are known for glasses often have a spare pair with no lenses in them to give more versatility in lighting. Ask your optometrist if they can lend you a pair of empties.


Do you say, "I hate posing?" Posing by an experienced professional photographer is all about making you look good. It’s about understanding your body type and providing some direction to enhance your best features and minimize what may appear unflattering for the camera. Because it’s how the ‘camera sees you’ this can sometimes feel weird, awkward or unnatural. We get it. Know that we are on your side at all times. Our job is making you look the best we can.

Where do I sign? How can I book?

Email or call me to book your session. I will then send you a link to a contract that you can sign and a PayPal link that you can use to pre-pay for the session.

Update Regularly

Your head shot needs to be WAY BETTER than a selfie. A GREAT HEAD SHOT will invite people in, inspiring them to reach out and connect with you. It's time! It's time to create, update or reinvigorate your personal brand. Start with a GREAT head shot by Storey Wilkins Photography.

The Fine Print

* All selected digital images are displayed via a password-protected web-gallery for your selection. These images are corrected for colour and density, but not finally retouched at that stage. All final quality retouching is done on the selected images. Additional images may be purchased.

* All digital images are automatically supplied in two sizes: full-resolution and smaller ‘social media’ sizes. Full resolution images vary depending on post capture cropping and native camera format.

* All digital images are supplied as colour and may be requested as black & white at the time of ordering.

* All digital images from the shoot are sorted with care for the best expression and technical aspects. Rejects are not available for viewing at any time. Camera RAW files will not be supplied.

Traditional or Modern Headshot $400 +HST (GTA only). 30 Minutes Three high resolution images for Linked In, Instagram, Facebook, BNI, etc.
Editorial Portrait $950 +HST (GTA only). 90-120 Minutes 10 high resolution images for publication, magazine articles, wall art, etc.
Personal Brand Comprehensive Package $2000 + HST. Three Hours. 40 High Resolution Images