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Family Porch Portraits Across Toronto

Your family grows and evolves with each passing year. Celebrate this moment in time! Update and refresh your family portrait with a fun & fast session in front of your home. Grandparents and pets welcome!

COVID-19 Pandemic Response

I am a local Toronto photographer capturing the beautiful side of life, one terrific family portrait at a time. For 20 years I have served Toronto families, and during the pandemic the demand for family portraits has increased dramatically. I continue to offer the same great at-home outdoor family photos I always have. I work mainly in my nearest communities of Leaside, Lawrence Park, Davisville Village, Lytton Park, Moore Park and Rosedale, yet I welcome families from all over the GTA.

$2000 Raised for Sunnybrook Hospital

In June of 2020, with the help of many lovely families, we raised $2000 for Sunnybrook Hospital to help front line workers cope with the demands of the pandemic. I offered to shoot short porch portrait sessions (from a long distance using a long lens of course) for any family in my community. I asked for a minimum $100 donation to Sunnybrook Hospital who, like all Toronto hospitals, did great work helping people through the pandemic.

Great Moments

It been lovely to see so many families laughing and sharing these moments together. These photos represent what I do normally as a family portrait photographer. I believe it is the new normal for Toronto family portrait photography. Great shots of the family in only 15 minutes.

It takes a very EXPERIENCED photographer to do these kinds of sessions well. They require great skill to get the kids warmed up and the parents relaxed, the poses flattering and natural, with strong compositions and effective use of sunlight.

These are moments that in 20 years your family will look back on and remember with such fondness, thinking, "those were strange but good time together.”

These short and sweet porch portraits are inspiring more families to have a regular family portrait sessions. The sessions are so fun and put a clear positive spin on life as a family.

The Happy Side of Life

With my telephoto lenses, a very safe distance from my subjects in the era of physical distancing, I capture the best side of reality of family love.

Instead of taking a photo-journalistic approach a looking for a reality-bites angle, I aim for tons of smiles, cuddles, hugs and laughter. It’s the opposite of a news story kind of photograph. It’s a personal and joyful account of what your family looks like at this point in time.

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