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Professional Photos of Kids

Congratulations! You have made an excellent choice considering me as your photographer. As a mother, I understand just how much you love your little ones, and how important it is to select the best professional photographer you can to capture their personalities in photographs. I also know how precious your time is, so let's make this process easy and stress-free for you. Here is what you need to know:

Toronto Family Portraits All the Cousins Together

Photography Pricing

What you can expect to spend (2020 prices). I am happy to work with you to create custom display solutions for your home or office, and custom gift solutions for your loved ones.

LIFESTYLE KIDS & FAMILY PORTRAIT 30 Minute Session (GTA only) 12 High Resolution Photos $600 + tax

Portrait Ideas with Children Playing in the Water

Easy to Book

Four Easy Steps:

  1. Request a session by email or phone.
  2. Pick a day and time that works for you.
  3. Sign and return the contract (adding locations, details and preferences).
  4. Pay using Pay Pal.

That's it! You are all set. I can't wait to photograph your precious little ones!

Easy to Order

Four Easy Steps After you Book your Session

Step 1: Pre-Session Chat

A portrait is about more than simply capturing your child's likeness. That is why I will schedule a chat with you by phone beforehand to get a sense of your desires and concerns. Together we will create a session plan, where we discuss what to wear, the location for the session, display ideas for your home, and the pricing.

Step 2: Your Portrait Session

We will arrange to hold your session in your home or cottage, or a beautiful park nearby. Using my easy three part process, you can relax and enjoy spending time with your family while I go about arranging and posing, lighting and finessing, and engaging the kids in play so the session will fly by.

Step 3: The Ordering Appointment

This can be done at your home or by video call about a week after the session. This will be a great opportunity to review the images together so that I can help you select your favourite images and prepare a plan for printing, framing and hanging them in perfect places around your home. It will be an effortless and enjoyable appointment.

Step 4: Delivery and Installation

The most exciting part of your portrait experience is the arrival of your new artwork. I will deliver everything to your home and if you do not have a professional installer, I will recommend one to you.

"We can’t speak highly enough about her easy going yet professional demeanor, attention to detail, patience, and flexibility." Nigel & Danielle

Family Portraits in Muskoka by the Lake: Time to Swim

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best age for the kids to be?

The short answer is: They are wonderful at any age. Having said that, the ideal time to create an iconic baby portrait is between 6 to 9 months of age when they are sitting up on their own but not yet crawling (they can't easily get away plus they have lots of extra fat rolls (so cute) that will begin to disappear once they start crawling).

Baby Posing:  Perfect Close Up Portraits of your Baby

What if I am not sure I want to be in the pictures?

There are often times when we feel less than perfect, especially around the time we are creating, delivering and raising our beautiful babies.That is absolutely fine, for now. Just promise yourself to be in the next session with the whole family. We will reserve this one just for photographs of the kids.

What if I have specific ideas in mind for the photographs?

Sure mention any ideas you have to me before the session so that you can get the results you are hoping for. For example, there is usually one member of the family who takes most of the photographs, therefore rarely appearing in any herself. With me there, it is a great opportunity to get into as many of the photographs as possible. Time to even things out!

Can I choose the location for the session?

Absolutely! Unlike many studio photographers in Toronto that require you to use their space, I believe the location should have personal significance to you and your family. As a result, I usually work either at your home (or cottage) or outside in your yard or local park, all while combining modern and fresh ideas to capture your little ones in their best light. My skill in using a combination of natural light and flash means you will have great photographs no matter where you are and what time of day it is.

What if its raining and I want photos outside?

Not a problem! We can always reschedule. Weather is the one thing we can't control, or predict. I will assume the session is "ON" unless you call her beforehand to reschedule.

How long will the session take?

My efficient and fun 90 minute baby and kids portrait sessions have three parts (30 minutes each):

  • Part One: Great Solo Portraits (your little one smiling, looking relaxed and happy in flattering positions)

  • Part Two: Timeless Moments (games, laughs, walking, running and out takes that capture the essence of your son or daughter's spirit)

  • Part Three: Quiet Time (where you get to sit back and watch as I capture priceless expressions and nuances of each of your kids in a quiet and calm activity).

What if my kids don't cooperate?

Any photographer should be able to produce one cute photo of your child, but can they perform well enough to exceed your expectations in your home environment and under your particular circumstances? Can they tell your story? I can! To every portrait session I bring:

  • 20 years of experience photographing people in all circumstances including weddings (long considered one of the most challenging forms of photography),
  • The patience and understanding of a mom, and
  • The 100% guarantee that you will love your photographs.

My goal is to give you a collection of images that will make you so happy you will shed tears. If for some reason the kids are melting down despite your best efforts to stay calm and provide snacks and breaks, don't sweat it! We can always reschedule at no extra cost to you.

Should we have the kids photographed every year?

I strongly recommend that you do while the kids are still living at home. I have written an article on the why's and how's of the annual family portrait. Please read the article for an in depth explanation of my process for creating them.

Summer Family Photos at the Cottage

"A look, an expression - pure gold! The proof is in the wondrous looks we get when people see her photos hanging on our wall." David & Stacey

From the session to the finished prints, I bring you the art of storytelling so that you can treasure your family’s great moments and share your story for generations to come.

Book Your Toronto area kids portrait session with Storey Wilkins today and get helpful tips, pricing and guidance on how to prepare for your session

LIFESTYLE KIDS & FAMILY PORTRAIT 30 Minute Session (GTA only) 6 High Resolution Photos Regularly $600 Only $295 + tax