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COVID-19 Wedding


COVID-19 and Your Wedding Day

For Toronto and GTA couples who are recently engaged, congratulations! I am delighted for you! While your original vision for your wedding day may not be possible this year, know that getting married is possible and will be a wonderful experience for you.

As a trusted professional wedding photographer, I can help you RE-IMAGINE YOUR WEDDING DAY with smaller, shorter stress-free options for getting married. It's time to consider elopements, micro weddings, short stories, backyard weddings, small venue weddings and more...

Did COVID-19 Affect your Wedding Plans?

Was Your Wedding Postponed because of COVID-19? You are not alone. Thousands of couples across the GTA and Ontario had to do the same. With so many events postponed during the first few waves of the pandemic in Toronto, many couples are rethinking the format of their wedding day with a different, yet still lovely, event in mind.


With many deposits lost and guest travel plans non-refundable, you may be reluctant to plan the rescheduled wedding with the same venue, timeline, guest list and elegant trimmings. Now its time to talk about other possibilities:

  1. Postpone until 2023
  2. Elope as soon as it is safe
    (and throw a big party next year)
  3. Shrink to a micro wedding, or
  4. Be super flexible and make a last minute decision with help from your vendors

Re-Imagine, Re-Invent, Re-ignite!

Enter the SHORT STORY (or micro wedding). This format has existed long before the pandemic, and often takes the form of either a:

  • Short and sweet wedding
    (shorter day, fewer guests, same luxury), or a
  • Local elopement
    (tiny beautiful intimate event)

Try not to look at this as a downgrade. This could be a lovely intimate way to get married, with the potential to be less stressful than your original wedding plans. Silver Linings!

ask for a custom photography package

Many photographers insist on a minimum coverage of 8 hours. Yet, if you decide on a shorter wedding you may only need a photographer for one to five hours. I take great pride in customizing my service to suit your preferences, and I am happy to create a package that is just right for you (no pressure for a longer coverage).

Old City Hall Wedding Photography TorontoTORONTO CITY HALL WEDDING DURING COVID-19

What does your event planner recommend?

Focus on your core values

A great event planner is worth it during COVID-19! They will help you navigate the uncertainty and minimize the risk. They will also recommend their favourite vendors, including a photographer.

In the best case scenario, your event planner would only recommend me if they knew I would be the best fit for you. How would they know that? Because one of your core values is FAMILY. Me too!

This is DAY ONE of your new family. As your family photographer, I will be there not just for the wedding, but also to photograph your family and friends as well.

Find the best-fit photographer for you

Imagine you are in a planning meeting with your wedding coordinator when she says...

“OK, we have selected the date, style of ceremony and the venue for your wedding. Now it’s time to select your photographer.

You must choose wisely here because this person will likely become your photographer for life. Because you mentioned that your family life is a core value for you, I recommend Storey Wilkins.

She works with multi-generational families to record each of the celebratory milestones in their lives.

So, while you may hire her initially for your wedding, she will then be there to photograph your anniversaries, birthdays, family portraits, reunions and other celebrations that often include your extended family.

Thinking decades ahead, what photos will you want on the walls of your home when you are grandparents? The gold standard is often a collection of family photos that exude joy and love, with consistent high-quality captures, displayed beautifully together on your walls, tables and in albums. Storey excels at this.

Her technical skills are excellent, as are her captures of candid moments. So, high quality photographs at each event are a given. But Storey brings other deep strengths to the table. She is great at making you look natural with posing and flattering with lighting.

She has a positive can-do attitude. She remains calm and patient no matter the atmosphere. She perseveres to create solid images even in difficult environments or when the best laid plans don’t work as expected.

She is a sure-bet, and worth the above average price tag. She will bring a long lifetime value to you in the form of family photographs and memories that you and your loved ones will treasure.

If this description of my offering resonates with you and your values, then I am probably the right fit photographer for you. Now let's check my availability.

Wedding Day Memories Matted Prints in a BoxFAMILY PORTRAITS ON WEDDING DAY

Wedding photography Package Includes:

  • 2-8 hours of continuous photography
  • Up to two locations
  • Choice of one photographer (me) at $300/hour or two photographers for $400/hour
  • Plus the pre-purchase of a product collection (to order digital images, prints and an album after the wedding) starting at:
    1. $980 for 2 hour package
    2. $1800 for a 4 hour package
    3. $3200 for an 8 hour package

Learn more about my pricing and current offerings here.



Regardless of the size or format, it is still your wedding day. I hope you will:

  • Treat yourself to the bridal gown you have always wanted
    (custom boutiques in Toronto can guarantee delivery on short notice)
  • Hire the best hair and make-up artist (see my list of preferred vendors)
  • Engage a great event planner to steer you in the right direction
  • Order exquisite food and fine wine
  • Hire me as your photographer
  • Book a safe venue that exudes beauty and love.

You will never regret making the most of your wedding day. Now that you have a great plan for the photography, I suggest you consider engaging a few other great vendors to help bring the wedding together:

Find an Officiant

They marry people for a living. How wonderful is that??!!

Envision a Theme

The jaw dropping designs, decor, florals and accessories that I see at weddings would leave even the most uninspired person feeling overcome.

Consider Cinematography

They capture video and live stream, we capture stills. Together we make magic happen, and we create the memories that you will have to enjoy for generations in your family.


Ready to book your photographer? Let's get started.