Toronto Bridesmaids Get Ready at Four Seasons Hotel
Storey Wilkins Photography
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Toronto Bridesmaids Get Ready at Four Seasons Hotel

When bridesmaids get ready with the bride the atmosphere can range from quiet to frantic. This is great for candid photo opportunities by Storey Wilkins.

The do's and don'ts of getting ready with your bridesmaids the morning of your wedding:

  1. Do keep the room tidy (your photographer will love you for this)
  2. Do have a kit of everything you might need, including those little travel scissors to cut out the tiny hangar straps inside your dress.
  3. Do cue up your favourite music playlist as the more great jams the better
  4. Don't worry about anything. The day goes by too quickly as it is. Take time to relax, smile (your photographer will love you even more for this) and embrace the moment.

Location: Four Seasons Hotel 60 Yorkville Ave, Toronto, ON M4W 0A4, (416) 964-0411.

1/1600; f/1.4; ISO 1600; 50.0 mm.