First Year Classic Timeless Baby Portrait
Storey Wilkins Photography
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First Year Classic Timeless Baby Portrait

A first year classic baby portrait on grandmother's wall is artfully posed and celebrates this first year baby milestone by photographer Storey Wilkins.

This first year classic and timeless baby portrait hangs on the wall and it's a special design to echo all the first year portraits of Grandma's kids who are now parents covers an entire long wall in the basement of the grandparents home - what a record! It is also the source of much laughter and connection in this home of great love when the grandkiddies get old enough to compare themselves to their parents in the photographs.

Some folks put off creating a child photography gallery in their house: 'we'll wait until next year' - and next year it's missed for some reason - then it's too late. What the whole family was is now different. Don't put it off.

Location: Avenue Road and Lawrence Toronto, Ontario.

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